• Hey there,

    I have pfSense 1.2.1 setup at a client and am having a weird issue with LoadBalance.

    Here we go:

    Connection 1 is a cable modem with a static IP. Connection 2 is a ADSL modem with a static IP. I am using OpenDNS for the DNS servers. Load Balance is set up with each connection pinging one of the OpenDNS servers. Connection 1 pings and Connection 2 pings

    Everything works fine with both connections up. I can see traffic going out both static IPs. If I pull connection 2, everything continues to work properly. If I pull connection 1 (Connection 2 is still plugged in), I lose DNS ability. Things still work by IP, but not by DNS. I thought maybe it was blocking by the ISP, but I can do a dig @ www.redhat.com command on either OpenDNS server from a client machine behind the firewall and I get a proper response. If I plug connection 1 back in, all works properly again.

    I have no rules for port 53 set.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is this normal behaviour?