• I've read that NAT-T is coming in 1.2.3.  I know how NAT works but in layman's term, what technology / features would benefit mostly in NAT-T asides from SIP?  In terms of IPSEC, I'm not sure how it benefits this.  I use IPSEC currently on pfSense using only Mobile option using Shewsoft VPN clients and can do everything I need to (i.e. name resolutions, connecting to resources, etc).  So what and how does NAT-T provide further to IPSEC communications - example would be helpful, thanks.

    I think I found my own answer - http://www.cramsession.com/articles/get-article.asp?aid=248

  • hmmm … i'd think that the problem is, that mobile IPSec clients behind a NAT router can't conntect to your pfsense IPSec Endpoint (which should be connected direct to the internet - no NAT)!