After NAT, the public CARP cannot connect to each other (timeout)

  • Hello,

    I am struggling that i faced a problem with CARP (WAN) + manual NAT + multi LAN (CARP gateway). The only problem that i am currently facing is that the while the individual LAN + NAT + WAN (CARP) that can works individualy, they cannot interconnnet back to them self, say, i have vlan 10 with manual NAT with a CARP WAN IP, and another vlan20 with manual NAT with a CARP WAN IP, they cannot interconnect to each other by WAN CARP IP ( <-> , other then this, everything is working well.

    Would you please advise what have i missed causing such issue? Thanks.

  • I tried to change the mounted CARP WAN IP from /32 to /24 to see if that can fix the issue, but seems cannot.

    I am doing 1:1 NAT with both inbound and outbound. And i am not sure if that issue is related to NAT reflecting.

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