What IP is using all my WAN bandwidth

  • Is there a way to see which internal IP is using the WAN bandwidth? I don't care what URL's they are going to. I just want to see the amount each internal IP is using through the firewall. We have very limited bandwidth where I live and 50 machines all need to share a slow DSL connection. I would like to make it a bit more even for everyone. Squidguard has a way to throttle everyone but it doesn't seem to be working. It could be I just haven't set it up properly.


  • The Status > Traffic Graph ....

  • Is there anyway to get individual IP's over a period of time like an hour or more?

  • The bandwidthD package could do that, and you could use the builtin traffic shaper to divide bandwidth more even (or at least avoid any single user hogging the bandwidth)

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    Darkstat package might be better for you wanting to track something down that is happening now.. You can turn it on and off easy enough.

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