Problems with NC532m hardware

  • Hi, we have HP BL460G7 server: 2 built-in NC532i interfaces and an additional 2 mezzanine boards of NC532m with 2 interfaces in each. Everything is fine in the HP management console, the server accepted the interfaces, determine them, everything is ok.
    However, PfSense 2.4.4. It normally determine and works only with built-in interfaces. Mezzanines don`t work with them, because PfSense does not see their mac addresses and instead it writes: de: ad: de: ad: de: ad or 00: 00: 00: 00: 00 : 00.
    NC532m is built on the Broadcom 57711 chip. We installed Windows Server for checking - it picks up all 6 interfaces without problems.
    Help us? It is something about drivers?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Can you spoof the MAC addresses back to their original values?
    All 6 interfaces are shown? bce0-5?


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