PfSense l2tp ipsec server and Mikrotik

  • Hello Team!
    My networks looks like this "LAN-A -- Mikrotik <==l2tp+ipsec==> PfSense -- LAN-B".
    I set up PfSense as l2tp server with "mobile clients".
    Mikrotik uses l2tp-client.
    LAN-A can now access LAN-B. I need LAN-B to access LAN-A.
    So i added virtual interface on vpn-server IP and added GW with IP on mikrotik l2tp address.
    That works.
    But when the channel reestablish (2\3 times a day) i can't connect from PfSense network to Mikrotik Network.
    Easy temporary solution - i enter virtual interface settings, click save, apply settings with nothing changed.
    It starts work again.
    What i did wrong?
    My settings are below.
    PsSense_OPT1.png PsSense_L2TP_Server.png PsSense_GW_2.png PsSense_GW_1.png

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