Question about TYAN S5162G2NR

  • Currently I have an OLD HP desktop which I plan to into a pfSense router but I probably need to purchase 2x Intel base NIC cards which will cost ~50-60 w/ shipping.

    So this morning this came on sale on Newegg Tyan s5162G2NR ( ) for 50 w/ shipping also includes 2 intel NICs and its compatible with all my Old HP desktop parts.

    My question is that is it has anyone used this motherboard?
    Should I buy 2NIC method or new Mobo?
    Thank you,

  • This looks like a very nice board for a great price; Tyan makes pretty good stuff and those onboard NICs are as good as the externals. Plus you get a ton more I/O (PCI-X etc.) and a better chipset. Seems like a no-brainer to me if it will work with your existing CPU and RAM. Seems like a no-brainer to me if you're willing to do the extra work and don't mind maybe a little more power usage.

  • Take note of the reviews; this is the typical experience with this board. It is a very, very low quality board like most Tyans. You will not get a much usable life out of this board. I had two at work, both repeatedly failed. The vendor who sold them to us was forced to eat both systems and replace them with Supermicro.

    That said, everything on the board will be supported by pfSense without issue.