Troubleshooting telegraf - influxdb

  • Hi all, I try to configure telegraf on pfsense. My influxdb doesn't store any values.

    pfsense: 2.5 (development, update today)
    telegraf-1.12.1_1 (no updates available in pfsense)

    influx for logging ... runs in docker (latest influxdb:alpine)

    What I tested:
    Status in pfsense (status - services) ... active
    Log /var/log/telegraf ... empty, no logs in that folder

    Login to shell - influxdb reacts, password / user valid. Tested with dedicated user for pfsense db but also with admin user. This shows that network routing and also firewall doesn't block otherwise it wouldn't work from pfsense shell.

    [2.5.0-DEVELOPMENT][admin@pfSense24.localdomain]/root: curl -G -u +0}jRk5A:"xxxx" --data-urlencode "q=SHOW DATABASES"

    Telegraf config check -- lots of output (normal telegraf values) no errors

    /usr/local/bin/telegraf -config=/usr/local/etc/telegraf.conf --test

    It worked in earlier versions but I didn't checked regularly. I guess it broke when I updated to dev-version.

    ==> How / where can I get more details? Telegraf configuration page doesn't give any configuration options for logging. I would like to see if telegraf plugin tries to send data at all ....


  • Update: telegraf plugin adds ssl-config to configuration file although plain http is used. I removed the CA-line in the config and now it seems to work.

    	ssl_ca = "/usr/local/etc/" <<-- removed

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