[solved] One Intel and one Realtek NIC - which one for WAN?

  • Hi all,
    having 2 NICs, but unfortunately only one intel, from the IPS perspective, which is the better NIC assignment (intel on WAN or intel on LAN)?

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you want to use in-line mode you need a compatible NIC which means the Intel.
    If you run IPS on one interface it's usually the LAN since that gives you visibility to the internal client IPs.
    Also is you have more than one LAN subnet with traffic going throigh the firewall that would go through the LAN interface and could potentially be faster than the WAN connection.
    Put the Intel NIC as LAN.


  • Steve, thanks a lot for your elaborated answer. Actually I'm running Intel's NIC on LAN side and now I know I made the right choice.

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