FreeRADIUS3: 0.15.7_3 -> 0.15.7_6 iOS clients can't connect

  • I just upgraded from 0.15.7_3 to 0.15.7_6 and my iOS clients that previously authenticated with EAP-TLS are now giving me the following error:

    Login incorrect (Failed retrieving values required to evaluate condition):

    My macOS clients can connect, but they're prompted to accept the TLS certificate first. They connect via EAP-TLS.

    I'm not sure what to do right now. It has been working for the past month since I started using FreeRADIUS. But after upgrading the package today my logs are filled with the above error messages.

  • Scratch that. I generated a new self-signed certificate and chose that instead of my Let's Encrypt cert and now my iOS devices connected again. Sorry for the false alarm.

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