What is SG-3100 Marvell Bootloader command for setting new date and time?

  • Unbound-control create certificates based the date set in the Marvell U-Boot Bootloader and not from Pfsense.
    Certificates being out of date due to Marvell bootloader set the wrong date and time in 1970 cause Unbound-control ssl handshake error to occur.
    Setting the new present date first, delete the Unbound certificates in /var/unbound and reboot to fix the error and work again with PFBlocker.

    I am asking about the Marvell U-boot date command for setting a new date and time in the correct format, because there is no documentation for the SG-3100 Marvell U-boot bootloader beside reinstalling pfsense in the manual.

  • Netgate Administrator

    What are you seeing that leads you to believe this? I can see no reason why Unbound would use anything from uboot, or even how it would.

    Are you seeing the system time/date is wrong? Do you have ntp configured?


  • hello Steve

    I have recently check date display in Marvell U-Boot is up-to-date, inline with ntp configured, and no errors found by unbound-control.

    i have already configured ntp beforehand and working. What i have done last night:

    • delete the certificates in /var/unbound/

    • reboot and enter to Marvell U-Boot

    • enter 'date' to display the date and time, something in 2010.

    • enter 'date reset' to reset itself to year 1970 and power reset the box

    • ssh into pfsense and run unbound-control -c /var/unbound/unbound.conf status

    • no errors found in unbound and PFBlocker and DNSBL works good.

    i didn't check Marvell date straight after to check it's sync with ntp my bad. The motherboard battery died and replaced about 5 months ago.

  • Netgate Administrator

    So it's working as expected now?

  • yes

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