Fresh installation / DHCP not handing out IPs on any other physical interfaces.

  • Okay so maybe I'm just overlooking something really simple here, but I have a white box supermicro build using a A1SRi-2758F motherboard + a 4 port SuperMicro AIC for a total of 8 Intel i350 ports, however, only the first 2 physical interfaces (igb1 and igb2) are handing out IPs.

    I have some devices that are attached to other ports that are configured for DHCP and for whatever reason, it doesn't look like pfsense is doing anything on those ports. So WAN is on igb1 and my workstation is on igb2, they work fine, but I don't see any other DHCP requests for the other ports.

    The DHCP logs do not show any requests for those devices.

    Did I miss a critical step in configuration...?

  • Netgate Administrator

    The first two interfaces would be igb0 and igb1, did you mean LAN is on igb1?

    The WAN should never hand out DHCP leases. It might itself be a dhcp client though.

    LAN is the only interface defined by default and the only interface configured for DHCP by default.
    Have you configured all 6 other NIC as interfaces and enabled DHCP on them?


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