E3372s working flawlessly on Dovado hardware

  • Hi!
    Recently bought a compatible hardware I put 2.4.4-p3 pfSense on, and wanted to get the E3372s stick working with it so I could use my Dovado Pro router elsewhere. The E3372s modem is working flawlessly with the Dovado Pro router.
    The stick is on 22.x firmware but I have a faint memory I switched from HiLink to stick mode using this method: "", years ago when I bought the stick.

    The Dovado router reports the same IP as speedtest.net so I'm definitely not behind any HiLink NAT, and have successfully opened ports in the past. I get speeds up to 150Mbit/s while the stick is plugged into the Dovado router.

    How can the Dovado router achieve this? I've read that in serial mode PPP you can only get up to 21Mbit/s or something. Is the router using RNDIS?

    With pfSense I tried to get the PPP working but the only link interface which is available is /dev/cuau0
    I even added a delay to /boot/loader.conf
    Which didn't help.

    usbconfig finds the modem on ugen0.2

    Do you think I'll get this it working using the RNDIS mode? It doesn't seem all that easy.

    Any advice?

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    @Wezzo said in E3372s working flawlessly on Dovado hardware:

    How can the Dovado router achieve this?

    Probably by using MBIM mode which FreeBSD, and hence pfSense, does not support.

    If you're lucky you might just be able to choose a different config index to use. Try running:
    usbconfig -d ugen0.2 dump_all_config_desc

    If you want to use RNDIS mode you will need to import the urdnis kernel module from FreeBSD.


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