• Hi,
    Sometimes, after reaching 8-9000 concurrent states, pfsense become unstable dealing with problems with packet forwarding. I am not really sure if it stops completely forwarding packets but I can say we are having problems with name resolution.
    Reset states doesn't help and the only way to get it working again is a system reboot.
    Generally we have 2000-5000 concurrent states with very low cpu usage and 20% mem usage.
    Also bringing maximum state to 20000 doesn't help.

    HW Specs:
    Pentium IV 2,5Ghz
    1G RAM
    4 eth interfaces (2 3c905C-TX, 1 Intel PRO/1000, 1 RTL 8139)

    pfsense configuration:
    multiwan configuration with outgoing Failover with 2 WAN.
    CARP Failover via a VLAN tagged interface
    Use of aliases, NAT and firewall rules (no 1:1)
    Traffic shaping is on.