Hardware for large apartment complex?

  • Hardware quess for:

    large apartment complex (approx 2Km round the outside) for holidays and owners and want to increase the bandwidth for owners
    for smart TVs, Netflix etc.

    I have 200 UniFi AP-AC-LR
    10x 48 UniFi poe switches
    16XG Ubiquiti switch

    currently have 2 x 600 Mbps fibre lines in, want to increase to 4
    somewhere around 120 owners with bandwith of ~8Mbps each
    about 200 guests with their own guest network - token controlled - ~2-4Mbps
    administration requirements ~50Mbps

    because of distances, looking at SFP+
    already have fibre cable.

  • Netgate

    @oldfart I would contact our sales team so they could discuss the best possible hardware for your scenario:

    Phone: +1 (512) 646-4100
    Email: sales@netgate.com

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