Randomized MAC Address?

  • Any ideas why the MAC address of my Pixel XL phone does not match what is shown in pfSense under DHCP Leases?

    Although I have randomized MAC address turn off on my Pixel 3 phone, I'm finding when I log onto my WiFi on the different LANs or frequencies (LAN or DMZ networks, 2.4GHZ or 5GHz) I get a different MAC addresses shown under DHCP Leases.

    The MAC address on my phone under Settings | About phone | Wi-Fi MAC address doesn't change, but the MAC that shows up against the IP address in the pfSense DHCP Leases is different.

    I was trying to setup a static IP address for my phone and this is making it difficult.

  • @TAC57

    Use Packet Capture to see what's actually in the frame. You'll then have to download the capture to view in Wireshark, to see the MAC addresses.

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