Need a link between pfsense and payment service

  • Hello guys, hope you are all well. So i have an idea i would like to put into practice but i need help. I run a Wisp(Wireless Internet Service Provider) in my area and have about a dozen clients. I run pfsense as my main firewall router which handles DHCP to all my clients. I have UNMS which manages some of my wireless CPE's. I always use Aliases on pfsense to allocate groups with certain bandwidth speeds and also to suspend anyone who has not made payment but this is always manually. Most of my clients use a service called M-pesa to make payments (M-pesa is a mobile banking service in east africa). What i need is a way to link my pfsense box to my M-pesa account. This will ensure when a customer makes a payment, they will be automatically be removed from the blocklist Alias on pfsense without the need of removing them manually. Let me say i need a medium between pfsense and M-pesa replacing me.. I see ubiquiti has a similar service (UCRM)

  • You may need to use that Ubiquiti system...pfSense is a firewall, not a payment system is my thinking; however, please wait for others, especially seasoned gurus, to respond.

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