An unsettling outage

  • My usually reliable internet went down at 1am. At 6am I noticed and began troubleshooting.

    Reset modem no joy.

    Reset router no joy.

    Checked Comcast outage map no joy.

    Then I unplugged the modem cable and re-inserted it. Problem solved.

    I will replace the modem cable because - why not. But does anyone have a theory why this happened?


  • I can't comment specifically on Comcast, but I do know that providers will update the firmware in their cable modems from time to time, and I have seen exactly this issue where the cable modem doesn't come alive again after the update.
    Rebooting it generally solves the issue.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Mmm, rebooting the modem and pfSense I would have expected to solve most things that might happen like that. Could have been actual bad hardware like a failing port or cable. You see any errors on the connection in Status > Interfaces?


  • @stephenw10 - No errors showing now on the interface. Inspecting the failing cable closely I do see a thin dark line on the inside edge of the connector pads. Could the modem port have been arcing and oxidizing the copper?


  • @piperspace

    If there's arcing, you've got power where it isn't supposed to be. The signal levels on the coax are on the order of millivolts.

  • @JKnott - Thanks. I will check to be sure the coax is still grounded and that my modem power supply hasn't gone wonky.

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