one way traffic between Unifi USG and pfsense ipsec

  • USG lan = /24
    pfsense lan = /20

    i have rules to allow traffic both ways in pfsense

    i can ping from USG lan to pfsense lan fine and to all hosts (quickly too), but i cannot access any hosts the other way, including pinging from the pfsense itself using ping diagnostic tool.

    the only red herring i've got so far is it seems to be kicking my ping out to the internet at some point but i dont know what to make of this, to be fair when i look in routes i dont have ones for the usg lan but ipsec makes its own right?

    see how in routes it skips right over the remote rubnet:8b0f99e4-bc3e-44c3-ade1-ec99e3338bd9-image.png

    context in case needed:

  • this is still a issue

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