Configuring static wan IP

  • I use metronet fiber and just bought a static IP. I am trying to configure my pfsense box to have a static WAN IP but so far no luck. I changed the WAN interface to static IPV4 (disabled IPV6) set the static IP with the correct subnet and gateway, apply the configuration, then reboot the box. Once the box reboots I am unable to connect to the internet.

    Am I missing a step or do I need to configure the firewall in some way, etc...? Is there a diagnostic I should look at to help me understand?

  • Netgate Administrator

    No that should be all that is required.

    Try running a packet capture on WAN. I suspect you will just see arp requests for the gateway IP and no responses.

    There is a difference between a static IP and a statically configured IP though. Are you sure it should be statically configured?


  • Yep! And the problem for me got solved. It turned out my ISP had not bothered to actually activate things on their end.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Ha! That happens... disappointingly often. 😉

  • Did you use the metronet supplied dns or use your own?

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