• Hello, excuse me for my bad english but i need his help. I'm from Argentina and it's my first time writing in english. I have installed pfsense without extra pakages, only the installed default and have problem to load some URL like Hotmail, yahoo, www.elpais.com, and others. This is my only one problem and i should be fix it.
    If i try to connect my pc to the wan without the server this url not have problem to connect.

    thank you.


  • I had a friend that had a similar problem. What happened was his ISP used a different MTU than 1500.
    He was able to browse most sites but places like Myspace were unable to be viewed. Call your ISP and find out what MTU setting they require.

  • Hello tommyboy180, thanks for your help. the MTU of my provider is 1492 bytes Approximately. Where is the MTU configuration in pfsense? I can't find it. Can you give me you messenger Id to join you? Thank you Tommyboy, nice to meet you.


  • "Interfaces" –> "WAN" --> "General configuration"

  • Thank you GruensFroeschli, already i configured the MTU number but the problem continue. Anyway Thanks for his help.

  • Try an even lower MTU and see if it helps.
    If it does start increasing the MTU until it happens again then go back to the last working MTU.