What can we expect from a Xeon-D system?

  • I am looking into buying a new pfSense platform and am charmed by the low power-good performance-lowish cost perspective for the Xeon-D platform. We'd buy this in a supermicro box (for example from this shop).

    Currently we push 1-2 gbit/s through our box, using some firewalling, some NAT and a lot of routing. In the new box, we'd like tp push our daily backup traffic (Veeam) through this box, increasing the traffic to 4-6 gbit/s at some times. This is all local, routed but firewalled traffic.

    The interfaces we're using are Intel 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ based network cards in a LACP setup, combined with some copper ports for WAN and management links.

    Can a Xeon-D box do this and what CPU should we buy or should I look into more powerful options (Xeon-E)?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, a Xeon-D can do that. The D-1541 can push >6Gbps in real world traffic, we see that regularly.

    So anything that powerful or more should do it. I've never actually tested any D-2XXX CPUs so there could always be some gotcha I'm not aware of.


  • Thanks, I'll get back to you here when we've purchased and tested. According to Intel the D-2XXX should be even better ;-)

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