is it possible to get local dns to work even with a VPN?

  • so I have question
    I have some computers on my network behind the VPN and some that don't.
    to access my unraid web interface I can type //tower/ for the computers not behind vpn
    and for ones behind the vpn I have to type //192.168.x.x

    my question is there a way to be able to type //tower and my other server names behind the vpn without it leaking dns or is that just the price you pay for using vpn and just accept it … just curious if there is a work around if not that's fine I been using //192..x.x.
    just wanted to ask if it is possible and without ip address/dns leakage

  • The only way to achieve that is directing your whole DNS requests from pfSense through the VPN.

  • ah ok ill try that.. thank you

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