Experience with Transcend SATA Flash drives?

  • I'm looking at building a pfSense system using HD or Embedded. Does anyone have any experience with the Transcend 2GB-4GB SATA free-standing (hanging?  ;)) modules? How's the reliability of these overall?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I've been using Transcend DOMs (4GB) and they generally work nicely. I don't know that I've used one with pfSense, but I'd be surprised if it doesn't work.

  • I've been using a Transcend 1GB DOM that plugs into IDE socket on motherboard as my system disk for over a year now and have had no trouble with it. I use the full pfSense not embedded. I don't have any experience with the SATA modules.

  • Hi,

    I've used two of the Transcend 2GB Sata Modules in my experimental boxes.

    Installation takes very long - I suspect this is due to some general SSD issues with writing a large number of files.
    And i did get the following error message:
    FAILURE - SETFEATURES SET TRANSFER MODE status=51 <ready,dsc,error>error=4 <aborted>Seems to be something with the DMA Mode…

    Other than that it seems to run fine. One of my boxes has an uptime of >6 months - without any errors/troubles/...
    Btw. it's a full install, not embedded.

    And the usual disclaimer: Don't use flash-drives with a full installation because they will break at some point.
    For the risks involved search this forum :)


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