OpenVPN-client - how?

  • Hi!

    The combination of OpenVPN, NAT, gateways, and firewall rules just break my brain. There's a lot to keep track of.

    I have a server running BitTorrent stuff that I would like to only use the OpenVPN-client interface. Nothing else on my network needs to do that. However, I would like other ports on that server to be accessible through the LAN-interface on the internal ip that the PfSense dhcp-server has assigned it (static ip from the Mac-address).

    I've been tinkering a bit, and so far I have managed to connect the PfSense box to my OpenVPN-provider (why can't there be an option to simply import the ovpn config file?) and I have assigned the VPN as a gateway (not as as the default one). Somehow, when connecting to my OpenVPN-provider, it breaks any internet connection for all of the other clients on my network. I have yet to figure out a way to make the connection between my server and the OpenVPN interface in PfSense. I realise that there's something that I'm missing somewhere, but I just can't seem to wrap my head around it.

    I have a VLAN-capable switch as the central hub of my network, can I maybe use that to fix things?

    (Previously, I used to run an OpenVPN-client on the server itself, passing all traffic straight through to it and letting that machine do all of the firewall-stuff. Unfortunately, a software update of XigmaNAS on the machine broke all of the custom things I had going on, OpenVPN included. Running that part on my PfSense-machine would make more sense anyway, but I really don't get it.)

    I'm feeling pretty clueless right now 😄
    Is there a really basic step-by-step process of doing what I'm trying to accomplish?

    With hopes of advice and solutions,

    Edit: I fixed the "connection breaking the internet"-thing, so I crossed it out. Still, the routing and the other stuff is still a mystery.

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