Routing Lan CIDR /16 and multiple Subnets

  • Hi Everyone,

    I don't know which is the way to proceed and what are the effects but here is the story.

    Soekris Net 5501-60
    WAN Static [ 10 Statis IP 's ]
    LAN /16

    2 Apple Mac OS X xServe
    Parallels Server Virtualization Software

    I have a need to run Virtualization software on Mac OS X Server, the vr software allows me to virtuaize OS X Servers. Unfortunately the VM software does not understand VLAN at the moment so i cannot slice and dice VLANS on PFSENSE.

    The issue is that the 5 virtual os x servers need to be in separate /24 address spaces.
    So far what I have done is given the LAN of PFSENSE a /16 routing so that I could have potentially multiple 256 subnets [ /24 ]. So I am assigning to each VM OS X Server a 10.1.x.1 /24 space.

    Users need to access services on the VM OS X Servers via VPN, but if they access a particular VM they should only see that Server. Should the server be also the router address of the /24 address ? If a person VPNs from a particular static IP can they be nated to only see a certain 10.1.x.x /24 network ?

    Help !! ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???