Traffic Shaping for WiFi calling and multiple LAN: walk through somewhere?

  • I've got multiple families set up with pfSense and a couple with lower bandwidth are having trouble with WiFi calling, calls breaking up, people can't hear you or the reverse etc when others are using the connection for netflix etc.

    It was suggested elsewhere I just stick in a limiter to reserve bandwidth for WiFi calling (seems like 500/4500 UDP) as the "easy" way. I've found some guides on this and I think I have the creation of the limits themselves understood. My problem with this method is in assigning the firewall rules; most of these sites have several "LAN" interfaces for various reasons and assigning a 10M cap to two LAN interfaces on a connection with 11M doesn't make sense to me as the two could easily max out the WAN and never hit their cap. Also don't want to cap them at 5M for obvious reasons. Can these rules be applied to the WAN interface safely somehow?

    I've also run through the wizzard a couple times and I'm not seeing cellular WiFi called out anywhere, is this accounted for in VoIP or not?

    Any advice or pointer to a walk through that helped you get WiFi calling working would be appreciated, thank you.

  • @Maxburn Unless you are using Pfsense 2.5 it works just fine setting up the rule on WAN, you can use this guide to set it up. If you go with fq-codel i would suggest you keep the stock settings as some of them, at least in my case, caused system instabillity. Other than that i would suggest using CoDel for the queue management algorithm in the limiter and tail drop for the queues, which also in my case kept latency more stable. It can also be necessary to lower the default value of limit from 10240 to something less on lower speed connections for fq-CoDel to work properly.

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