OpenVPN client for specific devices on the LAN only?

  • I'm setting up a pfsense OpenVPN client as a site to site connection from my home LAN to a remote lan for only certain devices, namely VOIP phones and a mail server (by default all traffic gets routed through the OpenVPN client - I only need to route certain devices through VPN).

    One of the main reasons for doing this is my home ISP has a dynamic address and blocks outgoing port 25 while the remote LAN has a static IP and allows SMTP traffic. I would also like to set up QOS prioritize VOIP traffic within the OpenVPN link.

    How can I associate the OpenVPN client to a separate gateway IP and/or separate VLAN in pfsense to make this happen?

  • @PatPend

    You should be able to create a rule & route to send the SMTP traffic out the VPN. However, my question is why are you using port 25? There are better ports that the ISPs allow. For example, I use port 587 for STARTTLS.

  • @JKnott My understanding is not all mail hosts accept port 587 connections.

  • @PatPend

    Give it a try and see what happens. As I said, many ISPs block 25 but not the other ports.

  • Thanks. Still hoping for any guidance on the original question.

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