VLAN's are incorrectly numbered at first setup on the console

  • When enumerating vlan's using the first setup of pfSense on the console, it starts counting like VLAN0, VLAN1, VLAN2 while in fact the first vlan is VLAN1, the second vlan is VLAN2, the third vlan is VLAN3 when viewed in the webinterface of pfSense.

  • This is the expected behaviour and not a bug.
    If you plug in real interfaces they start counting at 0 as well (rl0, rl1, …,  xl0, xl1, ..., vr0, vr1, ...)
    If you have a bridge, ssh in and do an ifconfig you will see "bridge0" as well.

  • what snapshot is this cause vlans are named from their tag now ie vlan+$vlantag.

  • I see, so this is by design, and i was mixing-up the IF and it's textual name?

    built on Fri Apr 24 10:56:15 EDT 2009
    FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE-p5

  • Not only …CONSOLE... WebInterface created VLAN-s also numbered as vlan0 ... (previously vlan4093...)

  • Yeah it was wrong, thanks for tracking this.

    Should be fixed on new snapshots though for your vlan interfaces to change you have to recreate them.