• Dynamic DNS entries can only be configured to use one predefined wan port.
    It would be nice to have options like these:

    • WAN1 First, if wan1 fails, use WAN2
    • WAN2 First, if wan2 fails, use WAN1
    • WAN1 Only
    • WAN2 Only

    This way you can create incomming failover through DNS, using a CNAME in your domain, pointing to your dynamic dns account, which is configured in pfSense as 'WAN1 First'. If wan1 fails, pfSense will use the public ip address of wan2, redirecting all incomming traffic to the second wan port.

  • Would this be a good feature request ?

  • Does anyone think this feature would be a good addition to the dynamic dns function?

  • Create a failover pool and setup it to pool traffic going to your dyndns account.
    It might be a pitta getting all the ips but should work