IPSec site to site to 2 Merakis. One works, one doesn't?

  • Same config on both, copied one and changed the IP address for the remote ends. Meraki doesn't even give you the opportunity to do 2 different configs. A non-Meraki VPN is global to all sites. So logically, the problem can't be on my pfSense side AND can't be on the Meraki side? LOL.

    What do I do?

    On this side, the VPN says it's established, but about every minute another instance starts and that one goes away. Traffic never goes through.

    Lots of errors on both sides, indicating, among other things, that the subnet sizes don't match. Fair enough, but it doesn't match on the one that IS working either. It's a /22 to /24 subnets. I plan on traveling to the other site to replace with another pfSense and do OpenVPN, but anything I can do in the meantime?

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