[Solved] Disable IP source routing

  • How can I verify if IP source Routing is enabled or disabled on my pfSense?
    If enabled how to disable it

  • @h_b said in Disable IP source routing:

    IP source Routing

    This question ?

  • I don't think this serves my purpose.
    My task is to disable IP source routing
    what I found from the internet is:

    Source routing is a feature of the IP protocol which allows the sender of a packet to specify which route the packet should take on the way to its destination (and on the way back). Source routing was originally designed to be used when a host did not have proper default routes in its routing table.

    Now I never seen or heard anything like how to disable/enable it and there were no relevant info on the web.

  • No need tu put it off, because

    The style of routing described on that link won't work since pfSense doesn't enable the options for multiple routing tables

    So, what isn't implemented can't be switched off - neither on.