Setting PF Sense in my Homelab.

  • Hi Gurus,

    I am setting my PFsense in my homelab.

    My homelab Router IP is 10.0.0.X. So I have installed the pfsense on the ESXi host and on the WAN Interface I have given an IP range of 10.0.0.X and on the LAN Interface, I have given an IP range of 10.1.0.X.
    I have not done any routing as of now as I am not able to access the console of the pfsense as it is not pinging nor accessible from LAN / WAN IP. My entire homelab is on 10.0.0.X.

    Need guidance



  • @anjanmj said in Setting PF Sense in my Homelab.:

    not able to access the console of the pfsense

    I never used ESXi, I'm using the default Hyper-V, but I can assure you that the console access works as soon as you start the VM, and LAN & WAN aren't even setup yet.

    Btw : to make things go easy on you, install pfSense first on a dedicated device, without changing anything in the setup. It will work.
    Only then start changing things.
    As soon as 'stops working' you'll know what not to do ...
    Setting up pfSense in a VM isn't any different. But you will have to setup the VM correctly, which boils down to : do the correct VM network setup.

    edit :

    @anjanmj said in Setting PF Sense in my Homelab.:

    Need guidance

    Ok =>

  • Ok, I see you have the LAN interface of your 'homelab router' at 10.0.0.X, what is the mask? /24?
    You mentioned that on PFSense WAN, you gave it an ip in 10.0.0.x (/24??). That sounds OK. I keep wondering about the mask though, as you set PFSense LAN interface 10.1.0.X but if both aren't at least /16 you would have an address conflict, the network address needs to be something other than the 'homelab router' LAN network.
    How did you set the PFSense IPs, directly at the PFSense console (opening the VM directly in ESXI)? I would go back to PFSense in the ESXI console and confirm that you have 'Assigned Interfaces' correctly. Check that the VMNIC for the PFSense LAN is listed in the VM NETWORK where the VM resides and it corresponds to the correct physical NIC, and that the WAN VMNIC corresponds to the physical NIC that is connected to your home router. I had run PFSense briefly in ESXI 5 years ago when I was testing it out and making sure the right physical NICs are assigned to the WAN/LAN would be where I would start. Once you are sure of that, and that the LAN side has the correct IP and subnet mask, you should be able to reach the webgui.

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