No internet access, but google search possible

  • Hey everyone,
    i am having a weird behaviour since a few weeks with PFSense.

    Following configuration:

    • One WAN Interface
    • One LAN Interface
    • One OpenVPN Interface
      All traffic is routed through the VPN, if the connection is lost, all outgoing traffic is blocked by the firewall. A CRON-script is pinging every five minutes several domains if they are online, if not it restarts the interface, if that doesn't work, it restarts all PFSense.

    Now a situation, where this always happens:
    The WAN connection gets lost (and obviously so all VPN Traffic is blocked and i am having no access to internet), after one minute i am having Uplink again and the OpenVPN of PFSense reconnects immediately. Now i can type in Chrome-Browser something in the address-bar to search for (Cars, Dog, Best of Ebay) and i immediately get on the normal google-search page with all results. But when i enter, (the full domains) it just timesout and the browser can't solve the address. If i ping it by cmd in Windows or on PFSense it works, no package loss or timeout. Then i need to restart the OpenVPN connection manually and then everything works perfectly fine again. But that is obviously not really comfortable.

    For the above situation, i am thinking, that something could be wrong with the DNS resolving? Same situation on Windows, Android etc., so no issue of the devices.

    Following i tried already:
    System -> Advanced -> Networking -> Disable all three hardware-offloading boxes are checked
    Services -> DNS Resolver is activated -> There i changed no options than the default set

    Do you have any ideas? There seem to be more people with this problem (just without VPN), but yet it couldn't solve my problem by using their solutions (hardware offloading & DNS Resolver is default).

    Brgds and merry christmas

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