Xbox Nat

  • i know there are thread out there explaining how to fix the problem. i have tried all of them. my only difference between them and me is that i have to wan's with 2 separate ip address. i have tried everything that i could read and the nat type will say open on her xbox for a hour or 2 and then switch back to strict (upnp) or torredo. I have upnp set up and torredo and all the other ports for xbox open. im absolutely at a dead end when it comes to NAT on pfsense

  • Static port.

    Go to /firewall_nat_out.php and set a manual mapping.

  • @chpalmer said in Xbox Nat:


    tried it, does the same thing. it will stay open for a minute or two and back to double nat type

  • NAT type 2? or are you double NATtd?

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