Single Wan and Multi Lan Issue

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    Hi all,
    I'm newby to PF Sense and I want to create this senario and the main hurdle is that and can communicate with each other. Can some one help me with it

  • You have to pay attention here on the network mask. Both nets in the 10. range need to have at minimum a 24 bit mask to make this work !
    Otherwise you have overlapping ip nets !
    Keep also in mind that you have to setup the right firewall rules on these interfaces !
    For first tests you should setup a "shotgun" rule with Source any to Destination any on both interfaces to check the allover connectivity.
    Later you can narrow that down to striker rules if you like or need to.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yup, what he said. 😉

    A common mistake here would be to use /8 as the subnet on both 10. subnets which would then conflict.

    If they are set as /24 pfSense will route between them by default. You would only need appropriate firewall rules to access hosts from the other subnet by IP address.


  • @lfoerster subnet mask for both 10 series is 24 but they are not communicating with each other

  • Do a packet capture on the pfSense interface, is traffic exiting ?

    Are you sure the subnet mask is correct on the hosts?

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    Then you only need firewall rules for pfSense to route that traffic.

    The respective hosts may refuse it themselves of course.


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