NAT Reflection - Help

  • Hello!

    I need help on NAT Reflection.
    I'm deploying a new IIS Server on Windows Server 2012. The server is on my LAN and will be accessed by any host.
    I created a NAT rule pointing to the server and the port (8010).
    What happen is that I got redirected by using external IPs but not on LAN.
    I tried to change NAT Reflection field on the NAT rule to "Pure NAT" and "NAT + Proxy" but didnt work.

    I see some people saying to create a new DNS zone on Windows Server. Thing is that people on the LAN wont access our website if I do it (the IIS DNS is a subdomain).

    Scenario: - Our website (external WAN) - IIS Server (point to my WAN Interface)

    Can someone enlight me?

    Thank you by advance.

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