What constitutes promotion/demotion in a failover?

  • Hi All

    I've successfully set up my two pfsense boxes and am running CARP quite happily, however I have a query. Since my testing has generally involved switching a machine off completely and watching the other take over, I'd like to know what would happen if, say, the internal LAN-facing network card were to die.

    Would the secondary pfsense box take over ALL roles held by the primary?

    I'm presuming it would do this, but would like to be sure. Mainly as I have my LAN interfaces on separate switches and was wondering how it would react should a switch go offline. It would be no good routing traffic to the secondary box if it were only acting as secondary for the external interfaces…



  • If one interface fails then all CARP VIPs should become active on thebox with all interfaces ok. The only way to be sure - experiment! Try it. -)

  • Thanks Eugene. I'll give it a whirl when everyone is off with the plague or something.  ;)