Need some help with setting up

  • I am brand new to pfsense. I am wanting to use this instead of Symantec firewall.

    What I need it to do is pass the local severs with public IP and still be protected via the pfsense firewall. I am having a problem getting this going.

    My set up is:
    Comcast Router (public static 23.25.x.x & LAN dhcp 10.1.10.x) --> (use Comcast LAN dhcp) pfsenseVM (pfsense LAN dhcp 192.168.2.x) ---> switch ---> 4 pc with public static IPs (23.25.x.x)

    But I am having a few issues..

    1. Appears the pfsense LAN dhcp is not passing to the WAN gateway.
    2. Static IP with public IP are not passing through pfsense to Comcast router.

    I am sure I am just missing something simple, any thoughts or advice?

  • Netgate Administrator

    You actually have static public IPs on those servers? Or they are just forwarded by the comcast router?

    To actually use public IPs directly there you would need to have a public subnet routed to you and to route that to pfSense in the Comcast device. It would need to be a different subnet that the Comcast WAN too.

    If you are just portforwarding you need that setup through both routers. If they are all using the same port then you would need to use some intermediate ports on the pfSense WAN or have 4 WAN IPs.


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