IPsec unidirectional traffic with P1 remote gateway

  • Hello everybody!
    One week ago I decided to setup an ipsec tunnel between a Cisco Router and pfsense 2.4.4_3.
    After one week full of testing and debugging turns out that with P1 remote gateway set the isakmp tunnel establish with no problem, but the P2 ipsec tunnel doesn't work: for example if I start a ping from the Cisco I see on Ipsec pfsense interface traffic incoming but pfsense identifies this like an interface error; it doesn't reply end it does not even try to send a ping from its side.
    As soon as I change the IP in the remote gateway traffic start flowing and both side see each other.
    The problem is that to establish the tunnel I can't set my cisco public ip because it is on internet by a 4G LTE cellular SIM..
    Does anybody have any Idea why pfsense doesn't recognize any IPsec traffic with the P1 remote gateway set that way??

  • I missed an important detail.. Tipology of IPsec is VTI routed

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