[SOLVED] Strange Behavior with WAN interfaces

  • Hi! What a beatiful day to being having some troubles with WAN interfaces!

    The facts:
    1.- My PFSense have two WAN interfaces (using VLANs) over the same Network Interface.
    2.- These two WAN interfaces are conected to two diferents Internet access services (Fixed IP) provided by the SAME provider.

    Six months ago we have a lots of problems trying to make the second service work correctly. We spend a lot of time trying to make this service works under PFSense. If you take a laptop and configure it with IP Add, Mask an DG the Internet Access works perfectly. When we try to added to PFSense no traffic at all pass through the WAN Interface.
    By that moment a coworker note that we have forgot to config Outbound NAT for this second service.
    After we added both Internet services starts to work perfectly... till yesterday.
    Sudenly the second service stop working. No traffic al all.

    We start to believe somebody change something so we restore a PFSense config from 3 days ago. Nothings change.

    The funny facts are:

    • If you config and connect a laptop to this second service, you can navigate and all is Ok.
    • If you disconnect the first service from PFSense, the second one suddenly start to work.

    Iam thinking about ARP traffic and some kind of strange things append at ISP routers and firewalls.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    PD: pherpaps this is not the correct forum. please move at the correct one.

  • Well, we have manage to solve the issue.
    But the real problem behind is still certanly unknown for me.

    We had install a router between ISP cable and pfSense.
    The Router's WAN access was configured with the IP address that used to had pfSense WAN network and pfSense WAN now is configured as DHCP mode (using private address like 192.168.x.x)

    After that the IP address that the router gaves to pfSense is configured at DMZ in router.

    That's all.

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