Bugs: Bridges, Interface reassignments, and webGUI file editor

  • Found the following bugs in the Sat Apr 25 17:12:05 EDT 2009 build:

    • It is possible to assign a bridge to an interface (i.e. LAN) and configure a static IP address in the console or webGUI, but the bridge interface will not be assigned the IP address. I encountered this while trying to create a bridge of OPT1 and OPT2, assign it to LAN, and have the IP address assigned directly to the bridge (instead of an individual member).

    • When reassigning LAN to a different interface (i.e. re1 -> re2), the configured static IP address was assigned to the new interface (re2), but never removed from the old (re1). A reboot resolved this, so it appears to not be a configuration issue, but rather missing/broken cleanup code for when interfaces are unassigned.

    • The webGUI file editor stops writing the file when an ampersand is encountered. Use it on your /etc/master.passwd with the default gecos value of "Charlie &" for root, and it'll trash the whole thing rather quickly.