Pfsense and DHCP spoof on WAN (ADSL) interface not working

  • Hello,

    I just migrated from M0n0wall to pfsense because I needed some extra options on the firewall.

    The old M0n0wall firewall used an ADSL modem together with the DHCP spoof method to be able to get the Internet address directly assigned to the WAN interface (this is needed because my provider uses PPPOA)

    I needed to add the following entry to the XML config file:

    <shellcmd>ifconfig sis2; route add -net -interface -cloning; route add default</shellcmd>

    The pfsense firewall succesfully imports the config with this shellcmd, but I can not get onto the internet from my LAN. Ping and dns resolving from the pfsense GUI to the internet works however.

    So WAN IP address is ok, it has got something todo with routing from the LAN to the WAN.

    Please help.

    Gr. Remco

  • Perhaps your LAN systems are not given the correct DNS details. Do you need to specify DNS server(s) in System -> General Setup or need to change the setting in the box Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN

    Are your LAN systems assigned IP addresses by DHCP? If not, how do they know the address of the DNS server? If so, then they can find the DNS server address by DHCP but you have to specify the address in System -> General Setup or tick the box to say get it from DHCP assignment on the WAN interface (which assumes your ISP provides it by DHCP).