Newbie questions for multiple LANS

  • Hi All

    I have just loaded pfsense on a spare PC to try it out and see if it will do what I need (recommended to me a as solution).

    What I am trying to achieve is this

    Local private network (LAN1)
    Remote private Network1 (LAN2)
    Remote Private Network2 (LAN3) - Long range wireless connection

    Each network has its own dedicated Internet connection that is not to be shared with other LAN's
    LAN2 & LAN3 are available at LAN1

    Sharing of files between LAN1 & LAN3
    Support/Management of hardware and sharing of files and security cam between LAN1 & LAN3
    No connection required between LAN2 & LAN3

    So far for my test I have three NIC's installed.  I can get to the internet from LAN1 OK, so that is a start.

    I have a second PC connected to LAN2 for the test.

    Can pfSense do what I want?
    Can someone point me to where I can work out how to do it (I am not sure what the correct terms are to search for info - are the multiple WAN's wrt to LAN1 or are they multiple LAN's?)

    Also, my sat modem is Ethernet based and is connected to the WAN NIC on pfSense.  It has its own subnet.  Can I access this from my LAN for configuration etc. without having to disconnect the PC from the LAN subnet and move it temporarily to the modems subnet?  If it can, please point me in the right direction.

    Is there a MIB file for the SNMP service?  I have a HA server running that will allow me to monitor the status of pfSense, but working out what some of the OID's are is a little tricky somtimes when there is no MIB.

    Sorry if these are simple questions, but when it comes to routers and network config in this area I am pretty green.



  • Hi znelbok, did you found a solution for your problem?. I have a similar issue and would be interested on how you resolved it.

    best regards,
    -eduardo s.m.

  • Yes, I did.

    With a lot of reading here and setting up 4 or 5 PC's on the test bench with pfsense running I managed to get it working to a point where I was able to proove to myself that it was conceptually possible.  I just need to get a handle on firewall rules now and some of the finer points of pfsense.

    So, multiple LANS is possible that are kept separate from each other, this is done by firewall rules.

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