Softether VPN Package

  • Hello,

    Just wondering if there is a package to install Softether Package for pfSense? If there is no, how can I install it manually?

    I tried OPNSense before with Softether VPN Package. It was working. However, they don't have it on package list. I had to install through the command-line "pkg install os-softether-devel" and got it up and running there.

    Wondering if pfSense can do same thing with OPNSense in terms of installing Softether VPN if there is no package available on pfSense package list.

    Thank you

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No. There is no package for it, and no plans that I am aware of to include it or even to make it available for installation in that way.

    There is a request open here:

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