Gateway Monitoring Issue - Keep Down Although The WAN is UP

  • Hello,

    I have configured 2 ISP against my pfSense box under VM Hyper-V environment. The multi-WAN configuration is just basic failover. If WAN1 goes down, the WAN2 will take over.

    After configured as usual per guide, the setup is working. The failover was working as expected. However, then the WAN1 was back up and running, the gateway monitor still showed the WAN1 still down.

    I went to diagnose > ping > then ping monitoring IP (in my case Google DNS and chose the source WAN1 and the result was OK. I got connection.

    I am really confused now, why the gateway monitoring on WAN1 still showed down despite of the ping test was successful.

    What is really surprising, I had to go to system > routing, then just click on save button and hit apply, the gateway monitoring is back online on WAN1.

    This issue is produce-able every time the WAN1 is down.

    Any idea why?

    Thank you

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