Multiple wan ips from isp

  • Today I discovered that my isp provides max 4 public IPs for routers in bridge mode through the 4 LAN ports (found out from the manual for the isp router). It would nice to use the individual IPs for different services like VPN, ESXI access, Home-assistant and random things like a Minecraft server of course not forgetting the default gateway for internet access. So the question is it possible to hookup the 4 ports from the isp router to an additional 4 port network card and get pfSense to register them all as wan connections. I know the speed doesn't change with the number of IPs.

  • Who is your ISP and what model modem?

    Generally ISP's on residential circuits will only give you one or two IP addresses. Commercial accounts generally get more. (I believe I get up to 6)

    Is your WAN address now a private or public range address?

    You will not get any faster speeds than you pay for. Even with extra addresses. I would use VIP's and forward them accordingly. No need for 4 ports. Just because the manual says something does not mean your ISP account allows it. Call them and find out.

  • My ISP is DNA I'm from Finland and the modem is the Inteno EG300AC. There is a small amount of info about the router because in Finland ISP have their "own" modems. So the manual is only in Finnish. A direct quote from the manual (with my own translation) "In Bridge mode, the IP addresses of the home network are shared directly from DNA and each one
    of the modem-connected devices (max. 5) communicates with the Internet with its own public IP address" and the manual is strictly talking about consumer models. My wan IP is something like 85.23.5*.***. Oh and also for clarification I don't have a pfSense box right now, planning to build one.

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