Best router for Mining Rig?

  • I need to update my outdated 100 mbps router as my internet speed is now 180 mbps. I need to get a gigabit lan/wan/wifi router.

    Any in particular you recommend? Perhaps the least latency? I'd like a router that has ability to install custom router firmware on it at a later date if I decide: e.g. dd-wrt or tomato.The BTC Futures contracts are settled on the 30-minute-TWAP of the underlying index. To ensure that at the time of settlement there are no under-margined positions, the transition from using underlying index to 30-min-TWAP of underlying index is done gradually.

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  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    I would recommend (since this pfsense forums) one of the pfsense boxes ;)

    sg-1100, if you want more umph to handle even faster internet in the future the sg-3100..

    Then add actual accesspoint for your wireless, or just leverage your old wifi router as just an AP.

  • Just asking, but why is WAN throughput an issue for a mining rig? Isn't that all local processing?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yeah and latency seems even less important. Some gaming happening also perhaps?

    I doubt you will get many suggestions that aren't pfSense here. 😉
    I have a few OpenWRT devices though. That works great on low end devices.


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    Yeah I have used dd-wrt and openwrt back in the day... And have put dd-wrt on friends and family machine when was stuck working with whatever cheap soho shit they had ;)

    Both my son's router is running dd-wrt for example ;) My one son is running it on the soho wifi router in their "frat" house. That is what we call it even though its 4 guys in their early 30's sharing a house.. On a old wifi router I had laying around that I gave him/them..

    The other one had me come over and setup their wifi - first thing I did was put dd-wrt on it so atleast it was usable.. Looking forward to the new house they bought in San Diego - 2 floors.. Going out to visit the grand kids in spring, one of my want to do while out there will be setting up good wifi... If he won't pay for something good - maybe I will make it a house warming gift setting up real system ;) Pretty sure it will be a unifi setup with a sg1100.. Have to wait and see what kind of internet he gets.. Might have to do a 3100?

    But I would never suggest just some soho anything - if asking my opinion on how to do it "right".. While there are some much better products then we had 10 years ago.. Some of these mesh systems are pretty slick - but why do they not add some basics like vlan support.. They would open up the prosumer market to themselves for sure.. I know they want to make it simple to use and all - but come on the advanced features do not have to be enabled out of the box... Allow something simple like actual vlans vs this guest network nonsense. And now something like the google mesh that might be viable..

    The new unifi dream for example looks promising.. Its a bit on the pricey side currently for your typical "home" user.. But it has some potential to be sure.. Now if you could put pfsense on something like that hardware - that would be killer ;)

    Partnership between unifi and pfsense would be slickest shit since sliced bread if you ask me ;)

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