SG-1100 Change reset button behavior to halt/reboot

  • Hi,

    Is this possible to change reset button behavior to halt or reboot instead of reset ? Remote halt/reboot is not always possible and unplug AC is not good.


  • Hi,
    The reset button is probably hard wired to really resetting the device. It's not some APC controllable button.
    As such, it's usage is close to removing the power.

    edit : I'm do not have a SG 1100 - I based my finding on reading the manual.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Unfortunately there is no way to change that behaviour. It is hard wired to reset the board.


  • Thanks for your responses @Gertjan and @stephenw10
    Maybe future hardware could have this feature ☺

  • I would like to know the reason for you asking this ?

    Devices like a firewall/router are often in a locked place. With some common sense, no one should be able to remove the power like that.
    The switch to stop or reboot is present in the GUI. This way, an authorized person can shut it down. This person knows why, and the consequences.

    It's soooo easy to remotely "SSH in" and restart/stop. It's one click on Putty, double click on the 'pfSense' entry (set up with auto login) , 5 + enter.

    Even big devices like do not have a power button. Only an urgency 'reset' button.

  • Netgate Administrator

    It's a design element that was already in the Espressobin so not something we specified.
    I would argue a software shutdown would be far more useful there, there are times when being able to shutdown locally without a console helps. I use that all the time on various test boxes I have here. Also the action of the reset button can be duplicated by simply removing the power. It's not that easy though because this is ARM and not ATX so you cannot have a standard power button as you would in x86. Also there is little point having a local shutdown button if you cannot tell when the device has shutdown. Also not easy to achieve on ARM.

    The XG-1541 does have an ATX power button and a power state LED.


  • 0190b87a-320a-44d3-9f61-20e6cf9a7105-image.png

    I stand corrected 👍

  • Hi @Gertjan

    Sometimes we do not have access and we could ask users to unplug/plug SG-1100 but it could cause fs corruption. Asking user to push a button would be better.

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