Hyper-v host cannot reach LAN or WAN

  • Hey everyone,

    I decided to mess around a bit in pfsense but have run into a problem. My LAN end devices can all connect out to the internet and communicate on the LAN but the Server 2016 hyper-v host is unable to do either. I have done a decent amount of research and even followed the steps listed in this post:https://forum.netgate.com/topic/92525/lan-issues-with-hyper-v but no dice. I have tried recreating the virtual switches, assigning a static IP to the vEthernet adapter and confirming multiple times that the lan virtual switch has the box checked to allow the host to use that connection but no luck. If I take off the static IP it gives itself an APIPA which makes sense because it cant reach the LAN (even when assigning an IP) to talk to the DHCP server. The current setup goes : ISP-> modem -> server running pfsense(WAN) -> pfsense LAN -> switch-> end devices. Does anyone have any suggestions on things that I should check?

  • @Ralphworth Shouldn't really be an issue if both the LAN and WAN v-switches the pfSense VM connects to are External.
    Private - Communication between VMs only.
    Internal - Communication between VMs plus Host.
    External - Communication between VMs, Host, plus physical network (outside world)

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